Justin Gibbs, Producer



The Guildhall At Southern Methodist University – Plano, TX

  • Masters of Interactive Technology, Digital Game Development, Specialization in Production



University of the Pacific – Stockton, CA

  • Masters of Science in Engineering Science, Specialization in Computer Science ­
  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Specialization in Games and Simulation
  • Minor in Applied Mathematics


Game Development Experience

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Lost in the Dark – Producer

17 Developers - Unreal Engine

  • Organized playtesting sessions for several teams while training team in effective data collection practices
  • Communicated vertically and laterally as the link between the team and stakeholders
  • Mentored inexperienced leads by setting team organizational norms and stressing organization and accountability

Auxilium – Co-Producer

49 Developers - Unreal Engine

  • Served as a conduit of vertical communication between two sub-teams, a team of project leads, and stakeholders
  • Utilized JIRA as a tool for monitoring and tracking task movement for two sub-teams during sprints
  • Performed scrum master duties for sub-teams, and for a team-wide scrum of scrums

The Grove – Team Lead/Lead Programmer

5 Developers - Unity

  • Worked with the Game Designer to plan out a schedule of deliverables based on game design specifications
  • Ensured accountability and communication throughout the team as the scrum master during stand-up and planning meetings
  • Programmed all major features and held pair programming sessions with level designers to teach programming skills



Thesis: Creating and evaluating A Data ­Collection tool – Independent Researcher

1 Developer – 8 Months - Unreal Engine

  • Researched industry best practices for data collection and tool development in the gaming industry
  • Developed a tool according to best practices and implemented the tool with two student projects for evaluation purposes

The Avatars Project – Co-Producer

7 Developers – 8 Weeks - Unity

  • Produced one of two scenes for a virtual reality application designed to train young adults for stressful social situations
  • Scheduled milestones around a delivery schedule and provided customers with VR installation


Guildhall Team Game Production – Production Teaching assistant

55 Developers – 16 weeks – Unreal Engine

  • Mentored and guided production students through the process of working with a large team and keeping the team organized
  • Helped identify leadership candidates through observation and interviews, and constructed a team structure to support the team
  • Gave feedback to students in the form of face-to-face peer evaluations at every major milestone

Financial Industry Computer Systems – Summer Programming Intern

15 Team Members - 8 weeks - .NET Framework

  • Upgraded software from PowerBuilder to .NET environment while complying with strict design specifications
  • Interacted daily with the quality assurance team to improve the product and ensure adherence to design
  • Gained experience by participating in daily scrum meetings and other software development methodologies as a developer

Volleyball Club Dallas – Founder, Head Coach, Assistant Coach

12 Team Members – 12 weeks

  • Created a hierarchical structure for coaches, board members, and club directors to have individual swim-lanes
  • Communicated with parents and young student-athletes for recruiting and organizational purposes
  • Developed a practice plan prior to each practice to continue growth of athletes and move the team towards our collective goals

Leadership Experience


Pacific Men’s Club Volleyball – Coach, Captain, Vice President, Treasurer

15 Team Members – 3 Years

  • Balanced onboarding new recruits and challenging experienced athletes to improve the team across the board
  • Cultivated a culture of accountability and dedication to team norms and goals to set up the team for success

Pacific Division 1 Men’s Volleyball – Libero

20 Team Members – 2 Years

  • Participated in team goal-setting meetings and worked towards the achievement of those goals over a two-year span
  • Held teammates accountable to team culture statements and integrated new athletes to the team culture and vision

Beta Theta Pi: Eta Kappa Chapter – VP of Member Ed, Ritual Chair, Founding Father

50 Brothers – 5 Years

  • Collaborated with other Vice Presidents to schedule, budget, and plan events for the fraternity over the course of a year
  • Prepared a team for ritual events like induction, initiation, and other important events held for our chapter and nearby chapters

Additional Team Projects

VR Applications for Teaching Purposes – Researcher and Developer

5 Developers – 10 Weeks - Unity

  • Developed a virtual reality application in Unity to teach users how to change tires on a car in real-time
  • Held a research session and made a presentation comparing the effectiveness of our application to learning from a video

App design for teaching Computer science basics – Team Lead, Programmer

5 Developers – 10 Weeks - Unity

  • Developed a phone application in Unity to help CS1 students to review materials related to variable scope
  • Coordinated a team to make art assets, program, test, and iterate on the application with scheduled deliverables



  • Agile with Scrum
  • Planning and budgeting
  • C++
  • Blueprint scripting
  • Scheduling
  • Team Culture Development
  • Blocker identification and removal
  • Team organization
  • Tool development
  • Data analysis
  • Singing
  • Accountability to team
  • Perforce
  • Jira
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Visual Studio
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Wiki
  • Slack
  •  OBS
  • Airtable