Justin Gibbs

I am a technical production student from Dallas, TX currently studying at the SMU Guildhall. I have been involved in a production role on several projects taken from inception to release. With work experience in the software field, degrees in production and computer science, and a history of coaching successful sports teams, I am prepared and excited to be your next Producer.


Thesis: Games User Research Tool Development

For my thesis I developed a data collection / heat map tool for my capstone team. The tool was made by identifying industry best practices for tool development in GUR, and applying those best practices to the creation of the tool.

Lost in the Dark

Lost in the Dark is a third person exploration thriller game developed by Sleepless Dreamer Studios for the PC. Players take control of Caroline and guide her through a dark mansion to aid her in escaping her nightmares.

The Avatars Project

The Avatars Project is a virtual reality simulation for the Oculus Rift designed to give students and young adults a safe place to practice dealing with stressful social situations. 

The Grove

The Grove is a tablet game designed by One Eye Studios.  It is a puzzle adventure game in which the player guides the maiden Kiki and her spirit friend Koto through The Grove solving puzzles in both the light realm and the spirit realm.


Auxilium is a 4v4 first person capture the flag game designed for PC by Pantheon Studios. Players choose one of four classes and battle it out in the clean future fantasy environment of four unique maps.

Interstellar Racing League

Interstellar Racing League is a couch-competitive futuristic racing game for the PC developed by 60-Strong Studios. Players control four pilots as they race through four unique tracks from across the galaxy.

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